My name is Lene Madsen I develop eco, organic  and environmentally friendly, sustainable, knitted products.  I have for many years had a great interest in environmental issues and felt that we need to rethink todays consume and throwaway mentality. I create sustainable clothes, scarves and home textiles products in organic cotton, linen, woll and alpaca. Slow fashion  with thoughtfulness and long living design.

 My thought is also that the customer may participate and create their product by making their own choices of pattern, yarn and colour. This is possible if you just send me an email with what you wish for. 

Slow fashion knitting on hand knitting machines of various degrees of fineness that are hand- driven. A computer software program can be connected in which I design various patterns. Made in Sweden. 

Since November 2014 I am a member of "Eco Market"  in Gothenburg. http://ecogallerian.se/ 
 Some times we are selling together on a market or in a pop up store. At the moment we do not have a shop.
I am also member of the Art Crafts Group "Konsthantverkscentrum"https://konsthantverkscentrum.org/sv.html  Sometimes I participate in a  market that they organize.

Sometimes I am exhibiting an exhibition organized by the " Sjuhäradsform" group http://www.sjuharadsform.se/

You can find some of my products in the crafts shop"Akleje" http://www.aklejahantverk.se/  Boråsvägen 237, 51170 Rydal.